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Data science for all audiences Coupons Udemy Free coupon for 2 days completely 100%FREE during this Everything you wish to know about  Analyzing social media data with R.

This course is written by Udemy's an extremely popular author Charles Santana. It absolutely was last updated on August 5/2021. The language of this course Is Spanish, but even have Subtitles (captions) in Spanish languages for higher understanding. This course is posted below the categories of data science for all audiences Coupons.

The Udemy Statistics with Data science for all audiences Coupons a free coupon additionally 1 includes one an 6 hour on-demand video, 3 downloadable resources, Full lifespan access, Access on mobile and the television, Assignments, Certificate of Completion and for a lot of a free coupons.

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Is this course right for you?

If you are still confused whether or not you must free coupon 100$ OFF Data science for all audiences Coupons (Spanish) Coupons or is it the course you're really attempting to, find then you must recognize that this course is best for:
  • People who have an interest in Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Power BI, Python, or other data analysis tools.
  • People with little or no experience with data science and programming.
  • People who are interested in areas such as marketing, social networks, journalism, communication, statistics, programming or scientific knowledge in general.

Requirements Course:

                                        1. There are no requirements.

                                        Description Course:

                                        With our course you will learn what data science and the R programming language is and how it is possible to use it to understand what happens on social networks, in particular on Twitter.
                                        The course is 100% applied to solving problems. We are going to move slowly, but at the end of the course you will be able to:
                                        • Understand what the Data Science Cycle is.
                                        • Install and use the R language.
                                        • Use your analytical thinking to create hypotheses on how to get useful information from comments on social networks such as Twitter.
                                        • Import, Transform and Visualize different types of data using the R language.
                                        • Download data from Twitter using the R language.
                                        • Transform, Visualize and Calculate Metrics on social media data to answer questions and test your hypotheses.
                                        All this at your own pace, in a 100% applied way. In addition to the course, we have a community of students and teachers on Telegram, with whom you can interact, ask questions and continue advancing in your studies of Data Science and R. I hope you enjoy this wonderful world of data science! See you inside! :)

                                        What I am going to learn?

                                                    •  You will learn what R, Rstudio, Rstudio cloud is and how to install and configure them.
                                                    • You will develop your analytical vision, creating hypotheses about social media data and testing those hypotheses with R and data science concepts.
                                                    • You will learn what the data science cycle is and how to import, transform, calculate metrics and visualize Twitter data with R.
                                                    • You will learn the main R libraries for data analysis: tidyverse, lubridate, ggplot2, data-table, etc

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