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C++ programming language for beginners in Arabic in detail Coupon / Udemy

C++ programming language for beginners in Arabic in detail Coupon / Udemy coupon for 2 days completely 100%FREE during this Everything you wish to know about Learn تعلم لغة سي بلس بلس بالعربية programming in c++ , c++ for beginner in arabic بالعربي , c++ from zero to hero.

This page  is written by Udemy's an extremely popular author Feras Alkurdi. It absolutely was last updated on August  6/2021. The global  of this strategies  Is Arabic, but even have Subtitles (captions) in Arabic (AR) languages for higher understanding. This code  is posted below the categories of The IT & Software, Other IT & Software, C++.

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  • هذا الكورس موجه ليصبح لأي شخص يريد تعلم البرمجة ليصبح ذو تفكير برمجي اي هو مخصص لطلاب الجامعات وخاصة هندسة الحواسيب وايضا يمكن لأي شخص عادي يرد تعلم البرمجة وايضا للاشخاص الذين يريدون احتراف لغة السي بلاس بلاس فيما بعد بحيث يبني الاساس لهم

    Requirements Course:

    1. لا يحتاج الى اي خبرة مسبقة في البرمجة

    Desorption Course:

    Programming and algorithms will be taught in depth and in detail, the idea of ​​the course is not to learn a specific programming language by itself, the idea

    It is that you have a strong foundation in programming,
    so I decided to teach C ++ Plus because if you understand this language, you will be able in the future if you want to learn other programming languages ​​that you will learn

    easily and quickly

    Because it is the origins of programming, it is developed from the C language, so that it builds for you the path of the novice programmer to fill the weaknesses of the programmer with intermediate experience.

    This course is directed

    For anyone who wants to learn programming to become a programmatic
    thinker and also directed to university students, especially computer engineering, and also an ordinary person can learn from this course

    It is also directed to anyone who wants to learn and professionalize the C++ language so that it builds the foundation for it

    C++ is used in many applications

    Such as the intervention of the C language in the programming of the kernel of operating systems such as Windows and Linux

    Also in desktop applications such as Firefox and Google Chrome

    It is also used in programming and industrial automatic control,

    and it is also used in information security and reverse engineering

    Also, do not forget that C++ is a very fast language, unlike other programming languages

    This language is also taught in computer engineering because the computer is built on its basis
    that the C language was created through which other famous languages ​​such as Java, Python and PHP were created

    What I am going to learn?

                  1. *input-output(cout-cin)
                  2. *loops(while-do while-for)    الحلقات
                  3. *arrays arrays
                  4. *statement conditions(if-else-else if-case) conditional states
                  5. *functions minions

                  Course content:

                  1. 6 sections • 101 lectures • 17h 4m total length
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