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احترف عمل الشات بوت مع ميني شات الطريق لبناء شات بوت واستخدامه في التسويق لزياده المبيعات و سرعه التواصل مع العملاء

2021 (ManyChat) Professional Chatbot Course 101 for Facebook & Instagram Coupon / Udemy For tow days completely 100% Free during everything you want to know Professional chat bot work with mini chat The way to build a chat bot and use it in marketing to increase sales and speed up communication with customers

This course is written by the very popular author from Udemy Mohamed Hamouda The most recent update was August 6/2021. The language of this course is Arabic, but also have sub-titles (captions) in Arabic [AR] languages to better understand. This course is shared under the categories Marketing, Social Media Marketing, ManyChat,

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Is this course right for you?

If you are wondering what you will learn or what things this best Udemy courses  will teach you after getting  courses Udemy  free coupon. Learn 2021 (ManyChat) Professional Chatbot Course 101 for Facebook & Instagram: Okay, here are a few things.

  • اي شخص يرغب ببناء شات بوت في يوم واحد
  • من يعملون في التسويق ويريد الاحتفاظ بالعملاء و التواصل معهم
  • اصحاب مواقع التجاره الالكترونيه
  • جميع من ييمتلكون صفحة فيسبوك لتسويق خدمات او المنتجات

    Requirements Course:

    1. جاهز كمبيوتر و انترنت
    2. بيدج علي الفيس بوك
    3. تركيز فقط

    Description Course:

    Do you want to build a professional chat bot with many chat in an advanced way? With our course, you will be able to build the first chat bot, like how to build a series of commands that increase the speed of your communication with the customer and increase your sales

    What exactly will you learn in this course?

    Flow Builder, Sequences, and Messages - In this part of the course, you will learn how to use Manychat Flow Builder and create sequences. You will learn all about keywords, tags, terms, your Audchat Audience tool, and more.

    Growth Tools - You will learn how to use different tools effectively. We're taking a step-by-step look at how to create landing pages in Manychat, how to insert bot links into buttons, how to place popup widgets on your website, and more.

    Facebook Ads & JSON - You are sure that you are using message ads and want to increase interaction and increase sales from them

    Customer Service Bots - Manage customer responses in a distinctive and fast manner by building your own words for customers

    After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:

    Create professional chat bot sequences, streams with Manychat

    Set up customer service chatbots that automatically answer questions

    Understand how to use the Manychat JSON tool

    Get More Subscribers to Your Chat with Facebook Ads & Content Marketing Strategies

    Improve your marketing strategies 

    Working with messaging ads through Manychat Ads Tool

    Be one of the distinguished in marketing and communicating with customers and register now for the training course

    What I am going to learn?

    • خلال ساعه واحده بس هتكون قادر علي استخدام ميني شات فيي بناء البوت الخاص بيك علي الفييس بوك لتحول عمليه الرد علي العملاء بشكل تلقائي
    • كيفيه بناء جهور لك علي الشات يوت للتواصل معهم فيما بعد
    • افكار للربح من الشات بوت و بناء سيلز فانل نجاحه للتسويق لعملائك
    • في اعلانات الفيس بوك Facebook Ads & JSON استخدام
    • الحصول علي مشتركين شات بوت واعاده استهدافهم
    • انشاء شات بوت خاص بحساب الانستجرام لزياده التفاعل و المبيعات
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