Cloud Computing Masterclass - Deployment to Administration | Udemy


Cloud Computing Masterclass - Deployment to Administration | Udemy

Cloud Computing Masterclass: For two days completely 100% Free during everything you want to know about Learn Install LAMP Stack | Linux Foundations | Firewalls (UFW + Network) | Load Balancing | Backups | DBMSes | Apache | NGINX

This course is written by the very popular author from Udemy YouAccel Training The most recent update was 3, 2022.The language of this course is English 🇺🇸, but also has subtitles (captions) in English [US] languages to better understand. This course is shared under the categories IT & Software, Other IT & Software, Cloud Computing

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Is this course right for you?

If you are wondering what you will learn or what things this best Udemy courses  will teach you after getting courses Build Cloud Computing Masterclass - Deployment to Administration | Udemy Okay, here are a few things. 

  • Students interested in a Career in Cloud Computing
  • Students interested in Deploying and Configuring Virtual Instances
  • Students interested in Understanding the Foundations of Server Security
  • Students interested in Configuring Linux Servers
  • Students interested in Learning how to Install and Configure LAMP Stack on Ubuntu
  • Students interested in Installing and Configuring Apache Web Server
  • Students interested in expanding their knowledge on Databases, DBMSes

    Requirements Course:

      1. No prior experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
      2. Basic Computer Skills

      Description Course:

      Welcome to the Complete Cloud Computing Bootcamp - where we go from Instance Deployment to Remote Administration.

      This course offers a comprehensive guide for aspiring cloud administrators looking to expand their knowledge in Cloud Computing and virtual instance configuration. In this course we will explore a number of key concepts starting from instance deployment, right up to remote server management, scaling and security.

      This course starts by exploring the benefits of cloud computing from various aspects including cost efficiency, agility, scalability, and reliability. We explore the three main cloud computing service models including: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). We offer a detailed overview and comparison of the three models with example use cases of their application in modern enterprises. From there students gain hands-on experience in deploying and configuring virtual instances using one of the most robust and user-friendly cloud computing platforms out there: Linode.

      The cloud computing section includes several key topics including:
      • Deploying virtual machines using pre-configured disk images.
      • Remote server administration using PuTTY, Terminal, and OpenSSH
      • Installing web servers & database management systems on Ubuntu.
      • Distinguishing between SQL and NoSQL Databases, including Database Transaction standards.
      • Understanding the foundations of Linux.
      • Installing and Configuring LAMP Stack for Ubuntu.
      • Installing and testing server-side scripting languages on Ubuntu
      • Server security with network and hosted firewalls
      • Scaling virtual machines vertically & horizontally with application load balancers.
      • Creating disk images and automated backups
      After taking this course you will undoubtedly have the skills necessary to pursue a career in cloud computing. Remember that all our courses come with a Udemy and YouAccel certificate upon successful completion. You’re also welcomed into a community of over one million passionate learners that regularly network and support one another through a variety of our active support channels.

      We invite you to challenge yourself and join us on this exciting learning adventure by enrolling in the course today.

        What I am going to learn?

        • Learn the Benefits of Cloud Computing
        • Learn various Cloud Computing Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
        • Learn to Setup and Secure a Remote Instance with SSH Key Pair Authentication
        • Learn to Setup, Configure, and Secure Ubuntu on a Linode Instance
        • Learn Common Maintenance and Directory Commands for Linux
        • Learn the Importance of Root/Non-Root User Accounts on Ubuntu
        • Learn the Foundations of Web Servers, Database Servers, and DBMSes
        • Explore NGINX vs Apache
        • Learn the Difference between SQL vs NoSQL Databases
        • Explore Database Transaction Standards (ACID vs CAP Theorem)
        • Distinguish between Stacks, Frameworks, and Languages
        • Install and Configure LAMP Stack on Ubuntu using Command Line and Linode Marketplace
        • Install and Configure PHP, MariaDB on Apache
        • Learn the Foundations of Firewalls
        • Setup and Configure Network Firewalls and Hosted Firewalls (UFW)
        • Vertical and Horizontal Instance Scaling
        • Deploying Auto Load Balancers (ALB) / NodeBalancer
        • Creating Disk Images and Backups using Linode
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